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The number one in online casino entertainment is, beyond doubt, the online pokies. It has truly become the pillar that the entire online gambling industry is leaning on, and it has gone through the biggest expansion out of all gambling games we all know and love.

Look at roulette and blackjack – these games are pretty much the same; they showcase improvements and additions, as well as different versions and sets of rules, but the basic game and the looks of it are still there, largely present on the screen.

Pokies, on the other hand, are like chameleons. One rarely looks like the other, and even though they’ve kept the basic principle of spinning the reels, other game features have evolved a lot. Even visually, pokies are now so diverse it’s getting hard to keep track of all the interesting titles offered by numerous widely known providers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, let’s get to know how online pokies work and what are their general qualities.

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How did Online Pokies come about?

The first slot machine was first conceived in the 1800s, in San Francisco. Can you imagine that slot machines were primarily used by shopkeepers? They would set them up at the counter and they would initially dispense chewing gum to the customers.

These clockwork machines were heavy, had one lever and they quickly became inexpensive entertainment at casinos, mostly used by women. Men would come and gamble at the tables, being manly and smoking cigars, while their wives would amuse themselves by playing pokies.

Gaming consoles and technological progress led to the next phase of slots evolution. The heavy, mechanical machines transcended into video machines with buttons instead of levers.

Along comes the internet a few decades later, and bam – online pokies appear! Now, people can enjoy pure slots fun at home, in a relaxed and warm, homey atmosphere rather than at crowded and rarely intimate casino floors.

How to Play Online Pokies?

Playing online pokies is the simplest thing in the whole world. The pokie machine is surely one of the easiest games of chance in terms of game rules and game proceedings.

The gameplay rarely requires anything more than simply determining the size of one’s bet and hitting the spin button which activates the spinning reels. Once they stop spinning, the player instantly finds out the outcome of the bet.

It’s visually satisfying and there is a calming quality to the act of observing the spinning reels, as well as a sensation of thrill and anticipation before they finally come to a stop.

Now, if the slot has special features and bonus rounds, you don’t need a guidebook to go through them either and scoop some extra winnings. Some bonuses can come randomly; others are triggered by specific symbols. Whatever the case, you just follow the game’s instructions and you’ll do just fine.

When you win free spins, the slot will automatically launch them. Some bonuses are ‘pick-me’ games where the players get to choose certain objects and reveal specific prizes. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Pokie Theme Variety

One of the major upsides of slots is the enormous theme diversity among the titles. Slot games, initially, didn’t have particular themes. They featured fruit symbols and occasional bells, bars and lucky sevens. Nowadays, these slots are rare in comparison to modern video slots which can be themed on practically anything.

Lots of slot machines are themed on Ancient Egypt, for example. They feature enigmatic symbols that represent ancient Egyptian gods and hieroglyphics, they show pyramids for background and have scarabs for special symbols.

There is also a fair amount of slots themed on Ancient Rome. Some focus on religion and show Roman gods; others portray gladiators or legionnaires since the Roman Empire was well known for its military power.

Greek and Norse mythology are also two of the more frequent themes and inspirations. Mighty Norse gods like Thor and Odin are often featured in slots, and so are Vikings as great warriors. Zeus, Hercules, Aphrodite… you name it.

Let’s see, what more do we have? There are also online pokies with themes revolving around cartoons and popular TV Shows, as well as comic books. If you like Game of Thrones, South Park or Family Guy, you’ll be happy to know that there are excellent slot machines that capture the visuals and the atmosphere of the series and have the main characters on screen.

Lots of famous movies have also been adapted into online slots, like Terminator II, Planet of the Apes, Alien, Scarface, Halloween, and so on.

Superhero-themed slots are quite popular too. Superman and Batman bring justice onto the reels and quite a lot of wins to you!

But don’t get the idea that ordinary things from real life can’t find their way into slots. Slots can even be about restaurants, sports, barber shops, animals, historical events and the like. Anything goes, as long as it generates fun and motivates the player.

Slot Machines Features

Now let’s forget about the visuals for a moment and talk about gameplay. Slots offer thrilling spinning sessions thanks to features such as free spins, Wilds, instant cash bonuses, wheel of fortune bonuses, pick-me rounds, re-spins and cascading reels.

Slots are by no means monotonous games and it’s not all about watching the reels spin. They come with special treats which make the gameplay more dynamic, unpredictable and exciting.

Free spins are quite appreciated among pokie lovers as they allow the player to go at it a certain number of times without changing the value of the bet. There is no risk of losing any funds, only a chance to gain more credits.

The Wild symbol is also an excellent addition. It acts as a substitute for other symbols and makes forming of winning combinations much easier. Sometimes, Wilds will expand and cover surrounding positions, even entire reels and enhance your bankroll that way. The potential of the Wild symbol is still being explored by the developers.

The point is that all bonuses and special features are implemented to create bigger payouts for the player and make the slots more of a challenge, but always an attainable one. Definitely, try out online pokies if you care for some playful and lucrative casino time.

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