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Pay by Phone CasinosNow that we can all enjoy virtual casino games on our handsets, it would be rather inconvenient not being able to conduct money transactions via the same devices. Luckily, the Pay by Phone casino system provides us with this handy service wherever we may be in the moment of wanting to make a casino deposit. Pay by Phone casinos is marking an expansion of late. Let’s find out more about making a phone bill casino deposit via Pay by Phone and how to play phone bill slots!

Pay by Phone Bill Casino Sites:

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Pay by Phone Slots

Pay by Phone mobile casinos are something of a sub-genre of online casinos. So everyone owning a smartphone can play phone casino games right from the device, including pay by phone slots. Pretty convenient, right? But how is it possible? Through the wonders of technology, of course!

Apart from online banking systems like e-wallets, there are specialised services tailored for players who wish to fund their online casino accounts through their mobile credit, or, similarly, through their phone bill. The pay by phone mobile casino service allows the player to transfer funds onto a casino account, preserve anonymity, and enjoy fast deposits.

Mobile slots have proven to be the perfect form of casino entertainment for the busy modern player. Playing phone bill slots is extremely easy with mobile payments enabled. Mobile slots are the exact same games you get to play on your desktop, only slightly adapted to fit the screen of your smartphone. The performance of the software and the visuals are just as impressive. The difference is only the fact that you are now controlling the games by taping the screen and not by clicking a mouse.

How to make a Pay by Phone Casino deposit

Mobile casinos benefit a great deal from Pay by Phone services and so do the players. The whole process doesn’t take over a minute and the money will be instantly available in your casino account.

So to make a Pay by Phone casino deposit, just go to your casino’s cashier page and choose Pay by Phone from the list of supported methods.

Next, you’ll need to enter your mobile phone number and, ultimately, confirm the payment. This is normally done via a text message.

Occasionally, the software will make you choose between ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, but the most frequent confirmation practice is done via text messages.

The deposited cash will be instantly available on your casino account after being deducted from your mobile credit. The other and more frequent possibility is to have the sum added to your next mobile phone bill and charged just as if it were an additional phone service.

Pay by Mobile Casino Sites: Are They Safe?

Everyone is going mobile! That’s certainly true in the online casino world, where video slots on a mobile phone screen are the cutting edge of tech right now.

So paying by phone is great news for players who want a simple option that doesn’t involve juggling cards and tiny virtual keyboards around.

And we say you can trust it. The first thing you should do with any payment method offered by a casino is checking that they are using the correct links and logos. Then you should check out the reputation of the payment method itself: is it used by reputable companies? Is its website legitimate?

There’s a big “yes” in answer to both of these questions in the case of Pay by Phone online casino system.

The company is owned by VW Financial Services, and yes it is that Volkswagen, so this is not a company that is fly by night. Pay by Phone was one of only 44 apps that were licensed to launch along with the Apple Watch.

The system is a downloadable app – though you can also work it through a website – and it works by charging your bank account via your phone, so you do need a card to use it. You can make payments by text or by a phone call.

It’s great, it’s convenient, it’s fast, and it’s about time that someone came up with a solution like this – and there are a number of these apps on the market now.

Advantages & Drawbacks of Pay by Phone Bill Casinos

The major convenience of any phone bill deposit method is the fact that you can carry it with you wherever you are, just like your smartphone. No need to deal with the bank and you don’t have to sit at your desk filling in tedious transaction forms.

Besides being an accommodating service, Pay by Phone Bill Casino system is extremely secure. The only information needed to complete the transaction is a mobile phone number. So no personal data and no credit card numbers are involved.

The efficiency is also a relevant upside since players don’t have to wait long to receive requested sums and play online instantly.

If you’re looking for downsides of Pay by Phone online casinos, you’ll note that the app has been designed specifically with parking in mind. So a lot of the publicity and information about its functionality is couched around that. It’s also another payment method that you cannot receive your mobile slots winnings from – you’ll need a bank account or alternative online wallet for that.

Another disadvantage of Pay by Phone casinos is they are still dependent on telephone companies and aren’t available in all the parts of the world.


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