Paypal Casino Sites & Real Money Gambling Sites That Accept PayPal

Paypal Casino GuideBank wire transfers and credit cards are now considered traditional payment methods. They were once modern and sophisticated, making online purchases easier than one could ever imagine. In the recent period, a lot of new banking systems appeared, with advanced and faster ways of managing money on the web.

Bank transfers and credit cards are still widely used, but services like PayPal have become a serious competition. There are plenty of PayPal casino sites online and players can gamble online with Paypal these days. A lot of people already have a PayPal online casino account set up and ready, and those who don’t – can register one in a matter of minutes.

Let’s find out more about signing up with a Paypal real money casino, making a Paypal casino deposit and not lastly – claiming new Paypal casino bonuses.

Paypal Casino Sites

Just in case you’re looking for Paypal casino sites, you can check this top list with some of the best real money online casinos that accept Paypal. Playing at Paypal gambling sites couldn’t be any safer. Check our list of Paypal casinos.


InterCasino100% up to €900 + 110 Free Spins

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Betway CasinoUp to £1000 Casino Welcome Bonus

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LeoVegas20 Free Spins + €3,000 Welcome Bonus

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NetBet100% Bonus up to €/$200

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10Bet CasinoUp to €/$1,000 Welcome Pack

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Online gambling with Paypal

With area restrictions for some regions, safety concerns for newer casinos and many other lingering issues, a lot of folks are now looking for an alternative to traditional withdrawal and deposit methods while gambling online. One such way that has proved popular in recent times is the use of e-wallets.

The likes of Paypal has acted as a way to get your real money into the game, without giving casinos your bank details. If you are considering taking this route, you may be asking yourself “how does it work?” Here’s the answer.

1. Sign-up

First things first, you must sign-up to and create an account. They will ask you for your personal details and some security questions. There will then be a deposit and withdrawal limit set on your account until you provide the necessary information. Once that is given, this will be removed.

You can link both your credit and debit cards to your e-wallet and you can also add a bank account. Then, simply add the money you want to play with into your Paypal account.

2. Make a Paypal Casino deposit

Then proceed as you normally would to your online casino account. Once there, click the ‘deposit now’ option. If there is a Paypal icon there, click on it and it will allow you to deposit those funds you have in your Paypal account into your casino one. Then simply play.

3. Withdrawing Paypal Casino Funds

Withdrawing is just as easy, but not quite as instant. When you are ready to take the money from your casino account, there should be a Paypal option. This will bring your winnings into your Paypal account instantly. From there, you can withdraw to your bank account. It will take 1-2 days depending on which bank you are with, but it will work fine and it’s totally safe.

Top Slots to Play at Paypal Casino Sites

PayPal was a popular returner to the online video slots market in 2010. In 2003, the company reacted to continuing legal uncertainty about online gambling by opting out of the market completely. That opened the door for payment solutions like Skrill and Neteller to step in and grab the wolf’s share of the market.

Players love PayPal slots. The company’s heavy-hitting reputation and ability to enforce high standards in the companies it works with means that it’s a great seal of approval to find it accepted at an online casino. Here are three top PayPal slots to check out at online casinos.

Bikini Party

In the UK, bikini weather’s long gone – unless you’re particularly hardy. The young women at this Microgaming gathering don’t care though, and they’re frolicking about all over the five-reels of this old-school Bikini Party slot with a top payout of 60,000 coins and an RTP of 96.52%. It’s not the world’s most sophisticated Paypal slot game and has the most obvious theming in the world, but this is a fun game to remind you that summer’s not far away even in the depths of winter.

Worms Reloaded

This game from Blueprint Gaming and NYX takes a very old-school video game and turns it into a seriously innovative slot that really captures the madcap feel of ye olde Amiga game. Behind lots of clever graphics lie 20 pay lines on five reels that you can spin from 20p a shot. If Bikini Party is simple, Worms Reloaded has chucked loads of effort at designing tons of engaging extras that will have you coming back time and time again – cashing up with PayPal!

Poke the Guy

Poke the Guy is something new altogether. It blends meme graphics and a simple game premise that’s not quite a slot but isn’t really anything else either. Wins are delivered on random shots fired at a crazy looking guy, but the top multiplier is 500X stake is very tempting. We often advise our readers to check out a game themselves, and that certainly applies to this popular little oddity.

Is Paypal gambling online safe?

It’s becoming more and more popular for gamblers to use Paypal while gambling online, but is it safe? The multi-national e-wallet website is used on a daily basis to buy and sell goods and services, but should you use it while gambling?

The answers to both of these questions are simple – yes, for the most part using Paypal to gamble online is safe. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should throw away all your sense while gambling with funds deposited using the service – you wouldn’t do that with funds taken from your bank balance, so why do it with funds taken from your e-wallet?

Here are just a few reasons why you can trust Paypal as a means to deposit and withdraw funds while gambling online.

A solid reputation

Paypal has grown into one of the most widely used services on the internet. Every day, literally billions of euros and dollars pass through its system. Yet, somehow you almost never hear of a catastrophe where someone’s funds are taken. Does fraud happen? Of course, it does, just like in every other element of life. That being said, Paypal has gained an excellent reputation for keeping that sort of thing to a minimum.

Added security

When using Paypal, you are using a service that is known throughout the world. Thus, you are also dealing with a large company who invest millions into security every year. If you are dealing with a top casino, you are also dealing with a company that takes security seriously. Thus, you have two business who are layering protection on your hard-earned cash.


All transactions done using Paypal are recorded and can be traced, as safety has always been one of the company’s top concerns. If you are using them to deposit and withdraw funds, each movement from your e-wallet will be recorded for you to view. That sounds pretty safe to us!

Advantages & Drawbacks of PayPal Online Casinos

More and more people are choosing e-wallets as their chosen method to withdraw and deposit their funds while gambling online. A strong reputation for security and a history of happy customers has led Paypal to become one of the most popular alternative methods for gamblers who want to deposit and withdraw without getting their bank details involved in the process.

Here are just a few advantages and disadvantages to gambling at Paypal online casinos.

Advantages of Paypal Casinos

  1. Not sharing details with extra party
    Gambling at Paypal online casinos means that you can gamble online without the risk of giving a casino your bank details. This is particularly useful when using newer casinos whose reputation you are not quite sure of yet.
  2. Multi-National reputation
    Of course, Paypal will still have your details. However, it is a large multi-national that has made a name for itself by providing secure and safe transactions for millions of people throughout the world on a daily basis.
  3. An extra step away from the compulsion
    Some folk click the ‘deposit now’ button a little bit too quickly when gambling online.
    Only using Paypal creates an extra step, where you need to have cash within your Paypal account or your debit card linked. This gives the gambler a little bit more time to consider whether they should continue playing.

Disadvantages of Paypal Casinos

  • An extra step
    To use Paypal, you have to sign-up and create an account. It only takes minutes, but it is a piece of admin that many people feel like they could do without.
  • Extra time
    If you are solely using Paypal, you have to withdraw twice – first from your online gambling account to your Paypal and then from your Paypal to your bank account.


Using Paypal isn’t for everybody, but it is a good alternative and it does seem to be safe for online gambling.