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We don’t want to bore you. Here are a few specific rules to be taken into account when using SlotsAdviser.com. It is entirely your responsibility to understand them and by using SlotsAdviser.com we assume that you are agreeing to these terms.

License of Use

SlotsAdviser.com is a free website. That means that all the content and features offered, are free of charge. We encourage you to share or republish our content on other websites or on social media. What we ask in exchange is a link back to the original source. This way we’ll provide you something for free and you’ll treat us with respect. It’s fair and square!

Limitations & Mistakes

SlotsAdviser.com is not liable for any damages or losses suffered from the use of its content. Even though it’s our full-time job to make sure everything goes smooth and is presented accurately, we are human beings just like you and potential errors may occur. It is solely your responsibility to double-check any piece of information and act accordingly. Also, we do not promise that our content and services will be available for each individual regardless of country of origins or other technical things that might prevent us from being available for every user, just like we don’t promise that our content and services will be available for anyone at all, for an indefinite period of time.


The internet is full of links. Similarly, we might link out to different websites. No way we are responsible for the content or services offered by third-party websites, nor we are liable for any damages or losses they may cause. Although we strive for the best and we are genuinely interested in pointing you out to good sources, it is entirely your responsibility to double-check and make the decision.


Things in life change, so are the Terms and Conditions posted on this page. We don’t exclude the fact there might be changes and whenever this happens, this page will be updated in order to reflect this change.


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Privacy Policy

SlotsAdviser.com may collect such data as emails or/and names when users opt in for email notifications. We also use analytics tools like Google Analytics in order to better understand our visitors’ behavior and thus offer a better service. This information is processed via cookies and it is exclusively used for internal use only. The information we collect is to be used for better understanding your needs and a better communication and is kept on a temporary basis. We DO NOT share this information with anyone and as a user, you have all the freedom in the world to request changes or opt out totally.


We might use cookies. The goal is to collect information about you as a user and better serve you. Such information like the date and time of your visit, the country and the city you come from, or the pages you browse, are delivered thanks to the use of cookies. They may also serve to display a certain piece of information specific for the country/region you come from or remember your personal settings. By using SlotsAdviser.com you accept that we may use cookies.