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Interested in playing slots online? Then check this online slots guide, as we intend to introduce you to the world of online slot machines! We will show you how to play slots online, how to maximise your chances to win and what are some of the best online slots in 2019.

The slot machines are arguably one of the most popular games offered by online casinos and they can be of many types. Classic slots, video slots or progressive jackpot slots? 3 reels slots or 5 reels slots, free spins slots or slots with bonus rounds? Whatever you prefer, we will explain how online slots work, how to play and how to choose the best casino slots sites.

Are you looking for some free slots perhaps, with no registration or deposit required? Making sure you understand the game and feel comfortable with all the options, is a first rule to consider when playing online slot games. Here is why playing the slot games for fun in the free mode is indicated. We provide a platform with slot machines that can be played for free.

Free Online Slots

Choose an online slot and play for free no deposit required! Read reviews, play free slot demos and claim a casino bonuses to play for real money. We have all the best online slots listed below and you can sort them by type, theme, software and game options. Happy spinning!

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Play Casino Slots

Someone who’s never had the chance to spin the reels would surely bother to ask why a person would take up playing online slot machines? What are the advantages of such activity? Do people only play them to have fun, or are there some material benefits? What is so fun about them anyway?

For one, casino slot games look amazing. They give you the visual satisfaction of a cinematic experience and you get to admire crisp graphics and smooth animations. Depending on the theme, developers always try to adapt the visual elements to the story of the slot, so you’ll always feel immersed in the game. Speaking of themes, players are met with huge diversity, and you can never find two of the same slots even if they feature a similar theme.

Next, slots are extremely easy to play. No extensive sets of rules, no strategies – just spin the reels and wait for the outcome. For casino games with such an easy gameplay setup, slots are immensely profitable. For smaller bets, players can earn hundreds of times more and enhance their casino balance within a short period. Players who prefer progressive jackpot slots are in for the big bucks – they can earn millions in one slot session.

Ultimately, lots of players describe playing slots as something relaxing and calming. Observing the reels spin on the screen generates a type of serenity modern people usually miss.

Online slots work perfectly on mobile devices too, so you can access them anywhere and give yourself a soothing experience during your work break, for example. All the mentioned aspects combined – the high-quality graphics, good payouts, the quality of being easily accessible and simple to play, calming –  are what make online slots worth playing.

5 Tips to Play Online Slots

So, you want to play online slots but you don’t know how to approach them? Here are some useful tips you may want to consider before placing bets.

1 – Choose your slots carefully. Make sure you choose the slots with a theme you like, with good graphics and stable gameplay. Fruit machines are one one of the famous and classic type of slot games that our visitors prefer to play. Pay attention to the structure, and the frequency of the special features. Know which provider stands behind the game and pick the best titles provided.

2 – Go for reliable casinos. Play for real money only at trustworthy gambling sites with the best slots around. Only licensed and regulated websites can give you an honest treatment.

3 – Make use of free spins bonuses. Free spins bonuses allow you to earn extra cash on the slot games. Nevertheless, be careful about wagering requirements each time you redeem bonus spins.

4 – Read the game rules, tips and paytable values – slot games come with a set of short descriptions and explanations regarding certain features, as well as game structure and values of the symbols. It helps to read those before you start playing.

5 – Don’t try to make up for your losses – you can’t avoid losing every now and then. Each spin of the reels is an independent event and sometimes you can lose in a middle of a lucky streak. The key is to bet cautiously and never think you can outsmart the machine by raising the bets in hopes to bring back what’s lost. It’s not for nothing when people say ‘quit while you’re ahead’.

Online Slots Odds, Slots Payouts & RTP

Slots are great fun these days. Many new games offer a truly interactive experience with compelling graphics, animations and music backing up some really complex game mechanics.

While players love this stuff, there’s no doubt that for most online video slots players, paying for cash and winning big jackpots is the driving motivation.

Is that always a losing game? Really Random?

Online slots are based on chance. Today’s machines have sophisticated technology to replicate the effect of, say, tossing a coin or rolling a dice. This means that every single event is still completely random. So a spin has the same chance of winning as the last one did and the next one will.

But slot machines are designed in such a way that that random chance will – in the long term – deliver a profit for the game’s owner – the casino site. How’s that? Random sequences are random, but they’re also predictable in a way. Odds record this predictability.

Slots Payouts & Odds

The payouts you receive will depend on the odds against – a measure of probability – the event that happens to happen. This isn’t the place for a probability lecture, but it’s an interesting subject if you want to get into it. If you’re going to be at all serious about online slots gambling you probably should!

Put simply, unlikely things are more rewarded than more likely things. So an event that will – likely – happen on 0.001% (or one in 100,000) of spins, like hitting a row of five, might have a big pay-out of 2,500 times your stake. The easiest to hit combinations – usually three of a kind of the lowest paying symbol – might have a probability of about one in 13, and pay-out around, say, five-times your stake.

A not untypical slot game might produce some sort of winning combination in around 40% of spins. When you play an online slot game, you are up against a system that is ruthlessly designed to deliver that profit. You’ll have noticed that the payout ratio is less than the slots odds against it happening. That’s the house edge and covers it from actually losing any money. You can also factor in some very clever mathematics that will set the number of symbols on each reel very exactly to keep those wins coming in.

It’s important to remember that everything is genuinely random and that when you press play on each spin you have a fair chance of winning the biggest jackpot. It’s just that your chance is in reality very small, and that the payout will be less than the chances against the jackpot being hit.


To sum up, the probabilities of every machine is extremely complex, and most players will see probability measured in one simple figure called the Theoretical Return to Player, usually written as RTP.

This number is useful, but it has its limits. RTP is a long-term measure that reflects that house edge. And by long-term, we mean long-term, really, the whole lifetime of the game.

These figures are usually around 95% to 97% for slots in 2018. They are likely to be lower for slots with big progressive jackpots for example because a little of the return to the player is diverted into funding the progressive prize.

As you look at an RTP you may decide to play one slot machine over another on that basis. That’s a perfectly logical thing to do. But today the differences in these figures tend to be very marginal, and you must remember that that measure is long-term and very broad – you might be the player who contributes to that average figure by winning £10,000 in return for 50p, while the next player gambles £100 and loses it all! Both outcomes are unlikely, but not impossible!

Slot Machine Secrets and How to Win on Slots

The first way to win on slots is to acknowledge that there is no secret way to win on slots! Sorry, but that’s the truth.

The slot games really are random. There is no trick of choosing your game, of changing your stake, or dancing a dance or singing a song that will get you around that.

So you might well win and you might well lose. But there’s nothing you can do to change the unrelenting grind of the random number generator!

Honesty is the best policy!

We’re just being honest with you here. And you’re best off being honest with yourself too. That means knowing that in the long run, you are very likely to lose more than your stake. Though you might not. And that you are very unlikely to win a life-changing sum of money on a slot. Though you might not.

The best way to treat slots is as entertainment. Play them because you enjoy them, not because you need to win, and always follow the advice on safe gambling.

The easiest way to lose

The easiest way to lose money is to give cash to someone who tells you there is a secret way to win on slots – or any other gambling game.

That’s our big takeaway for you here. Stay away from scammers promising that sort of knowledge, and be wary of review sites that offer too much in the way of “player tips”.

Controlled playing

The fact that you can’t predict wins doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and strategies for enjoying sustainable, healthy play that will give you a better chance of playing for longer, and therefore may be slightly improving your chance of winning.

That is to learn your way around a game before you start playing. To know the rules inside out. To play on demo mode for a while to understand things. Not lastly, to bet small. And to quit when you’re ahead.

All very boring advice. But much better than any “secret” to winning!

Play The Best Online Slots

Of all the thousands of slot games from hundreds of software providers, we have chosen a few online slot games considered to be the best. Several aspects were taken into account: graphics, sounds, payouts, the story behind, all included. So although this a sensitive choice and the best online slots are usually a matter of taste, we thought we’d share with you the best slot machines games, in our opinion.

Our Top List Of The Best Online Slots in 2019

Play Now

Mega Moolah

Play Now
Gonzo’s Quest

Play Now
Dynamite Riches Slot

Play Now
Fishin’ Frenzy

Play Now
Mega Fortune Dreams

Play Now
Book Of Ra

Play Now
Lucky Leprechaun

Play Now

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Eye of Horus

Play Now
Rainbow Riches

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The Dark Knight

Play Now
Mermaids Millions

What makes an online slot stand out?

At the moment, there are more slots on the internet than ever before. With such a large selection, knowing how to sort the good from the bad is an essential skill for players who want to have fun and make a tidy profit.

If you don’t know how to do this, then we’d suggest that you read on as we detail how to differentiate the duds from the delicious when it comes to slots. Here are just a few features that make a slot stand out…

Plenty of features and jackpots

It’s simple logic, but why not maximize your chances of winning by playing the slots that pay out in as many ways as possible? “Progressive jackpots”, “bonus rounds” and “free spins” are the words you want to be seeing when looking through potential games.

Top reviews

Good graphics don’t equal good payout, so read the slot reviews online. We live in a world where information is more readily available than ever, so why not make the best of this situation by being knowledgeable when choosing a slot.

Simple, yet fun, gameplay

At the end of the day, you’re not going to hit the jackpot every time you play your favourite slot. Thus, it makes sense to find a game that is plenty of fun too. That way, even when you don’t win, you’ll still be getting a reward – your enjoyment!

A producer you know and trust

Secure gameplay is essential when it comes to gambling online. Thus, it makes sense to choose a slot provider you can trust. Look at the slots they produce, their reviews and what online casinos they appear on. Thus, a provider with a solid reputation is essential. If it fits, it fits. All of the above is important, but sometimes you just find a slot that is right for you and that’s totally fine too. At the end of the day, if it fits, then it fits.

Online Slots Bonuses 2019

Both the casino operators and casino account holders benefit from slots bonuses. For most players, bonus offers are one of the best things about online gambling. Don’t you think online slots bonuses are that important? Here are a few reasons why you might change your mind:

Slots bonuses give you free spins! The most common of slots bonuses is the free spins bonus. Players absolutely love free spins because they add to the fun and save money. As long as wagering conditions are acceptable, you should always accept a good free spins slots bonus. It would be crazy to ignore the chance to play a certain amount of spins on a fine slot free of charge and then collect the wins.

Promos and bonuses on slots fight monotony. Sometimes, when you play a slot machine for a long time, the enthusiasm fades. It’s only natural. If the reels keep turning the same way you’ve seen hundreds of times already, you need a slots bonus to successfully bring back the excitement you need to keep playing.

It’s a great way to increase your bankroll. The major upside of slots bonuses is their ability to boost your wins. It’s not rare for players to finish a slots bonus round twice as richer than they were before.

Excellent opportunity to play new slots without risking your own money. Unless you play slots online in demo mode, using slots bonus offers is the only way you can try out new titles without spending a dime. Claim your bonus and watch it work its magic, as your account balance grows one spin at a time. New game plus additional wins – you can hardly beat that combination.

Free Spins & Online Slots Bonuses


LeoVegas20 Free Spins + €3,000 Welcome Bonus

Play Now T&C Apply

21 Casino21 Bonus Spins No Deposit + 121% up to €/$300

Play Now T&C Apply

Videoslots100% up to $200

Sloty€1,500 Welcome Bonus + 300 Free Spins

Play Now T&C Apply

RizkDeposit €100 - Play with €200 + 50 Free Spins

Play Now T&C Apply

How to Play your Chances with a Slots Bonus

Getting bonuses that can be used on online slots is an absolute dream for most players, yet many gamblers fail to make the most of their extra loot.

‘Why is that?’ you may be asking yourself and the answer is simple; most don’t use technique and know-how to increase their chances with bonuses that are playable on online slots.

Here’s how you can be part of the minority who know how to up their chances…

Bonus loot – real chances

Some folks play bonuses on slots like it’s free money to throw away. This is a completely wrong approach. Don’t treat your bonus like it is something you have to lose. Rather, treat it like it is something that can help you win.

Life is all about attitude and so are slot bonuses. Approach it like real money and it may become real winnings.

Jackpots are your friend

There are bonuses that need to be turned over a few times before you can withdraw the cash, so pick a slot that offers a few ways of winning. For instance, progressive jackpots and scatter bonuses are your friend. Free spins and bonus rounds are also pleasant acquaintances.

It’s definitely a top strategy to find the games that give you the best chance to win with your slot bonuses.

Take a chance

If you are playing with bonus money, then why not try to take a risk you wouldn’t normally take in order to win big? As we said earlier, life is all about attitude and if you play with bonuses like they are chances to win big, this approach will eventually pay off.

Free Slot Games

If you walk in a land-based casino, you won’t find any free slot machine games. You won’t get the chance to test the games, you’ll just have to do it for real money right from the start. And this is why online casinos have a big advantage. You can play free slots no download needed in a big number of online casinos. All you need to do is sign up for an account and try out all of the free online slots in demo mode. This is why many gamblers choose to play online rather than go to the local casino.

Playing free casino slot games can also help you in creating a gaming strategy. You can try out the free slots and test them out. It will feel like playing for real money, so you can get a clue about the games, in terms of payouts, variance or even general feel.

That being said, it is strongly recommended to play free slots before engaging in real money gambling!

What can we learn from Playing Free Casino Slots

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, most gambling sites make their games available in both fun and real money mode, and a huge number of players will happily accept the offer to spin the reels for free.

For some, slots are an enjoyable way to spend leisure time and not money-making machines. Others use this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the game before placing real money bets.

There are thousands of slot games out there, designed to appeal to different kind of players. It’s not easy to decide whether you like them before you actually play them, so that’s the first thing free-play mode helps with. You can search for and find the game which is right for you completely risk-free.

Having found one, keep spinning in the reels until you fully understand the game mechanics.

How are winning combinations made? What is the minimum and maximum that you can bet, and how will your choice impact potential payouts? Which special features can one benefit from and how to trigger them? These are questions you can have an answer at when playing free slots.

Some games offer a choice once the bonus round gets activated, prompting you to pick among different free spins/multipliers combos. Should you go for more free games with smaller win boosts, or do the opposite? Test it and see what works best!

Free-play option is also an opportunity to assess slot’s volatility and adjust your play accordingly. High variance slots will deliver on a less frequent basis, so you’ll want to manage your bankroll carefully for a chance to benefit from large payouts.

Learning all of the above will allow you to identify the optimum strategy and perform as best as you can once real money enters the game.

Fortunately, there are no limits as to the number of spins one can play in the free slots mode. Once your starting balance has been used up, simply refresh the game and the initial amount will be restored.

Free Slots Bonuses

Playing free slots is the best way to get to know the games and see what each one has to offer. But the thing is, playing for free can become boring after some time. We all gamble in order to win some money and playing just for fun is not so fun after all.

Yet, there is a way to play free slots online and have a chance to win some real money in return. There are a lot of free slots bonuses which you can claim when signing up for an online casino. You will need to find casinos which offer a no deposit sign up bonus or no deposit free spins.

This type of promotions are the best way to play free slots and still feel the thrill of real money gambling. Some casinos may offer cash no deposit sign up bonus just for signing up for an account. No deposit and free spins bonuses usually come with wagering requirement and a maximum cash out limit, but they are still well worth claiming!

Free Slots No Deposit Bonuses


BGO10 Free Spins No Deposit +100%

Play Now T&C Apply

Casilando10 Bonus Spins No Deposit + 100% up to €300 + 90 Free Spins

Play Now T&C Apply

Spinstation20 Bonus Spins + 200% up to €2,000

Play Now T&C Apply

Free Slots vs Real Money Slots

While different people do it for different reasons, many of us like to play the slots for free before making a deposit. It could be that what initially looked like an interesting title, turns out to be too simple or too complicated, lacking interesting bonus rounds, not generous enough in terms of payouts, too low or too high in terms of variance, and the list goes on.

Those who have played slots both in fun mode and with real cash, may have asked themselves a question: are one’s winning chances between the two versions truly the same? Could it be that free-play mode lets us win more and/or more often simply to hook us in?

It’s not uncommon to have a feeling that your performance was much better while playing for free, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case and most probably isn’t. When your hard-earned cash is at stake, losses tend to be far more obvious and more painful.

As you know, RTPs have been put in place to guarantee the randomness of a game’s outcome, and big brands have their games tested and certified by reputable third parties. The whole operation of an online casino is regulated by at least one licensing organisation, and some of the jurisdictions even insist for free-play versions to perform with identical RTPs as real money games.

All these controls have been put in place to make sure players don’t get tricked in any way. While we can’t claim there are no deviations, developers and operators with strong brands are very unlikely to jeopardise their reputations by implementing such shady practices.

The bottom line is: if you want to be sure everything is square and above board, choose your online casino wisely.

How to play Real Money Slots

The biggest mistake many rookie online gamblers do is playing real money slots right from the start. In land-based casinos, you won’t get this chance. But when playing online, it’s always a good idea to play for free first in order to test the waters.

It’s a big disappointment to make a deposit and play a certain game only to see that the bonus round is not what you expected and that the payouts are low. So before playing for real money, it’s always recommended to read reviews and test the games for free first.

Playing real money slots is no way different than playing in the free mode, only that a real money stake bet is required.

3 Tips to play Online Slots for Real Money

As the old saying goes, “there is nothing virtual about a winner.” This has never been as true as it is when you are playing for real money on an online slot machine.

That being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you are playing online for real money. Here are some handy tips…

1. Pick your slot wisely

Try to pick a game which suits your sensibilities; if you’re playing a game that you fully understand, then there is a reduced chance that you will lose more than you set out to play with.

You’ve also got a much greater chance of winning if you understand what you’re doing. This will be particularly true in the bonus rounds of an online slot when there is more at stake and it’s slightly more complicated than the initial game.

2. Don’t play when you can’t

If you’re feeling tired or agitated, then you should probably think twice before making the decision to sit down and play an online slot for real money.

Online games should be played when your sense and wits are with you, so if you’re not feeling it, then don’t play it. Don’t worry; those big bonuses will still be there for you when you come back!

3. Bank your bonuses

This is key; if you bank your bonuses as you play, then you will have a nice little surprise when you stop and look at your account. This is a way to keep yourself in the green, without feeling as though you are neutering your bankroll.

All the best online slot players do it and for good reason too; it’s clever, easy and will make your overall experience a brighter one.

Why claim real money slots bonuses?

Picture this; you’re sitting at your laptop, casually enjoying a game of online slots. Then, out of nowhere, you win a real money jackpot on a play that was bankrolled by a bonus.

That fantasy can become a reality, but before it does, you should be ready to claim your real money bonuses as they can be the difference between a bulging bankroll and a bad day online.

Not all bonuses are for real money

Many slot casinos offer introductory bonuses, so before you choose an option that is right for you, consider how each one’s potential bonus system works.

Not all casinos are created equally and some have bonus systems that are more complicated than rocket science. Try to keep it simple and go for the one that offers a real money bonus that you don’t have to roll over ten times to claim.

Bonuses can be your starting point

Every now and then, you will come across an excellent ‘no deposit’ bonus. Generally speaking, these bonuses require quite a bit of gameplay before they become real money.

However, with a bit of skill and the right strategy they can become your opening bankroll. This is obviously preferable to laying out your own funds.

Use the money to experiment

Real money bonuses are a great way to start your gameplay and a fantastic chance to try out slots that you haven’t played before. At the end of the day, if you lose the money you gained from a bonus, you are not out of pocket. Thus, it makes sense to experiment. You never know, it might be during one of those experiments that you win big!

Real Money Slots Bonuses


LeoVegas20 Free Spins + €3,000 Welcome Bonus

Play Now T&C Apply

21 Casino21 Bonus Spins No Deposit + 121% up to €/$300

Play Now T&C Apply

Videoslots100% up to $200

Sloty€1,500 Welcome Bonus + 300 Free Spins

Play Now T&C Apply

RizkDeposit €100 - Play with €200 + 50 Free Spins

Play Now T&C Apply

Online Slots Guides

Check the following online slots guides:

Online Slots Glossary – A to Z

The world of online slots can be a confusing one. There are just so many terms that it’s hard to keep track of what’s what.

However, this handy little appendix should help you know your autoplay, from your free spin.

  • Autoplay – A button that allows a gamble to automatically continue making the same bet on a slot.
  • Bet Max – A button on a slot that selects the maximum possible bet for the next spin.
  • Bet One – This selects one unit or coin for the next spin and accumulates every time it is pressed until it reaches the maximum bet amount.
  • Bonus rounds – Most online slots come with rounds outside of the initial gameplay you see. These are bonus rounds and often give players and chance to win far more than the initial game.
  • Collect – This option allows you to bank your credits from an online slot.
  • Free Spins – Turns on a slot that you do not have to pay for. On free spins, you can still win coins, despite not spending anything for these turns on the slot.
  • Jackpot – A large number of winnings you can get by playing a slot.
  • Multiplier – A feature that gives you the chance to multiply your winnings. Often exists within bonus rounds.
  • Pay Line – Lines of a slot that is in play and can produce winning combinations.
  • Payout – Winnings for particular combinations.
  • Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot that continues to rise until it is won.
  • Reels – The disks that spin in the slot and contain symbols.
  • Scatter Symbols – Symbols that pay, no matter what they are combined with.
  • Select lines – The action of picking the pay lines to play with.
  • Spin – The action of playing a slot.
  • Symbols – The numbers and images that spin within a slot.
  • Wild Symbols – Symbols that can substitute any other symbols to create a winning combination.

Online Slots Reviews

Are you interested in playing a slot game but need some information? Look no further, as we provide online slots reviews and analyse the slot games from all possible angles. We are slot players just like you, so we play and test the slot machines and then come up with online slots reviews you will enjoy.

That being said, our slot reviews come with an overview, information about game options, software, and tips on how to play. Not lastly, we advise you on the best online casinos where you can play the online slot of your choice, be it for free or in the real money mode.

Reasons you should read online slots reviews…

Online slots reviews are an easy and reliable way to stay abreast of all the latest and greatest slots that are being released right now. More importantly, they help you avoid the duds that would just be a waste of your precious time.

Despite this, many folks still just jump into the deep end and hope for the best when picking a slot to play. There are many reasons why you should avoid this tactic and read online slots reviews before you play.

Here are just a few of them…

All the sparkles are not gold

It’s widely known among experts that the best looking games aren’t always the ones that have the best graphics.

An excellent image is important, but let’s face facts – looking good and being good aren’t always the same thing. Online reviews of slots give you a heads-up on games that are all image and no personality.

Knowledge is power

The online slots reviews will detail the best games with the best jackpots. They will also detail which games are easy to understand and thus, easier to win while playing.

Surely, it makes sense to find out how you can win more cash? Is that not what it’s all about? Reviews are your key to more money silly!

Safe and secure

We all want games and online casinos that are both safe and secure.

Reading online slots reviews will help you sort the charlatans from the games that want to give you a fair go of things.

They will also guide you away from the slots and casinos that don’t use your preferred payment system.

Time well-spent

They are just three reasons why reading online slots reviews is a good idea.

You wouldn’t go watch a movie that was getting stinking reviews, so why waste your time on slots that are doing the same?

Browse Our Full List of Online Slots Reviews