New Online Casinos in 2020 & New Casino Sites Bonuses

New Online CasinosChoosing a new online casino in 2020 should be a fun experience. But with so many options, apps and brand new online casinos out there, you’ll probably feel spoiled for choice!

There are also questions about security and lifestyle: How do you like to gamble online? If you’re constantly on the move, make sure your casino has a great app to take with you on your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer to play on your computer, make sure the online casino is easy to navigate.

Which games are your favourites? Is there an online casino out there which is going to offer you more of what you love and help you discover new casino games? These are important questions to ask yourself before you start your search.

But don’t feel daunted, read on for a quick guide to navigating the world of new online casinos in 2020 and how to choose the right one for you.

Brand New Online Casinos in 2020

Check all the best brand new online casinos and claim new online casino bonuses. We have listed all the brand new online casinos in 2020 and the best new casino bonuses. Claim them now while they still last!


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Top casino innovations of 2020

Change or die! That’s the motto in the novelty-hungry online gaming industry. So you can be sure that 2020 will see more new casinos, more new games, more new features and even more change, as sites build on the innovations of 2020.

Law and Order

The likely legalization of some betting in America will be a major growth engine in the online world. That’s good news for customers who’ll see more competition and more improved products – the perfect capitalist equation. Law changes in Japan will keep Asian gambling booming, with much the same effects.

In Europe, the trend in online gaming is towards more regulation. Good, safe sites are in everyone’s interest, so the increase in checks on players and small print isn’t something you should grumble about.

Mad Skillz

In real-life casinos, a new wave of skill-based games is winning fans. Born in Japan, these dance- and memory-based games are an interesting new trend that is also expected to boom online.

Real or Virtual?

Although the online world gives us a fantasy world, it’s live casino games that are growing the fastest. If you think that’s down to all those pretty girls and handsome guys flipping the cards you might be right – casino spectating is another booming area you should expect to see more of this year.

Expect to see more ‘theming’, particularly to glamorous locations and concepts, in the live casino world, and expect to see superb delivery to the all-important mobile customer.

On the Move

Talking of which… the world continues to switch its desktop machines for tablets and phones. Casino sites should really be working hard to get on top of mobile glitches this year and you’ll see quality across all games, from slots to sports betting, getting better and better on small screens. It’s something you can see on some of the new online casinos like Spin Rider.

Tech, tech, tech

The games of today would have been an insane fantasy just a couple of decades ago. The pace of change shows no signs of slowing. Gamifying (using game concepts in all aspects of designs) allows casinos to make the whole experience more compelling, and to invite bets on even more aspects of the game.

Why choose a new online casino?

As the internet expands evermore, so does e-gaming – one of the most popular pursuits online. With more people online and more online casinos to choose from, many sites are becoming specialized.

This means that, rather than logging into an online casino which offers a bit of anything and everything, entire sites are now devoted to slots, blackjack, poker and more. The most exciting thing about this, especially for you as a player, is that specialist online casino sites are constantly developing their own variants and new takes on traditional casino games. So seeking out a new online casino can bring with it a host of exciting experiences.

As new casinos enter the market, many are making use of fresh technologies too. So don’t be afraid to branch out and find the online casino which best suits your personal preference in terms of usability and lifestyle.

Many online casinos also offer a ‘Free Play” mode, so when you find one you like to take some time to try your desired games without uploading any money. Do the games run smoothly? Does the casino make personalized recommendations for other games you might enjoy? What does the sign-up bonus look like compared to the competition?

Take some time to find the online casino which you’re going to enjoy and offers a great deal for new users.

Why claim new online casino bonuses

Free things are great. And new free things are even more exciting. But is it worthwhile looking out for and focusing on picking up online casino bonuses from new sites?

We think it is, and this is why.

The online casino world is incredibly competitive. As an online video slots fan, you’ll know how quickly new gambling sites can appear. Some of them won’t last long, and some are barely new at all – so look out for the re-branding of old-timers.

All of the genuine new casino sites have something in common though: they want your attention and they want your custom!

Just launching a brand new online casino site will get you a certain amount of attention, but players want more than that. And having someone cruise by your site to play a few free games isn’t even going to pay the hosting bills – sites who want to prosper need players to sign up, to deposit, and to keep coming back.

Word of mouth

Reputation is everything in this business. Gambling online often means paying money upfront, and while most sites are safe and legit – and a great way to spend time – we all know that fake sites do exist.

The best way for a new gambling site to get a great reputation is to get a lot of satisfied customers in and talking about how great it is to offer the best casino bonuses.

So you can expect new sites to launch with the big cash matches on deposits. If you like free spins, then the week that a site launch is a week to sign up. The same is true with all sorts of extras – new games, free competitions, claw-back on losses, prize draws….

Lots of players find a favorite site and stick to it. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, it can mean you’re missing out. So don’t be conservative and stay where you are just because it’s comfortable. Look for new casino games, new gambling sites and new networks and you’ll start to see bigger rewards even before you start playing.

It’s a well-known fact in all industries that switched on consumers who are ready to shop around are the best guarantee of a vibrant market, innovation, and lots of new choices – so you’re doing all players favor when you play the market and pick up those big new casino bonuses.

Safe new casino sites – how to check

Wherever money changes virtual hands you’ll get scammers trying to get their real fingers on it. It’s important to keep these risks in perspective. By keeping your wits about you and following a few simple safety tips you can play perfectly safely.

One way to stay safe is to use established sites with established reputations. But new casino sites and their big welcome offers are exciting! Can you play those safely? Yes, you can. But if a new online casino hasn’t established itself as a major player you should be a little more careful.

  • First, Google the site and see what reactions and reviews you can find. World of scams spreads quickly online; that’s why dodgy sites rebrand so often.
  • Always check the web address URL. It should be an HTTPS address to show that the site is secure.
  • Never play in an unregulated or illegal casino. Logos are easily faked, so if you want to be sure that you’re safe then check that their licence exists. There’s an extra risk in playing outside your own legal jurisdiction.
  • Real-life checkable addresses are good. As is a good quality site that shows evidence of investment and care.
  • Be cautious about how much money you hand over and what payment method you use. If you don’t trust a new online casino (and sometimes instinct is enough) then you don’t want them to have your credit card details. Online wallets like Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill are useful, and genuine partnerships between them and a site are also a good sign.
  • Be very wary of brand new casino sites that only offer Bitcoin payments. The status of the world’s premier cryptocurrency (in special) is changing all the time, but if it’s the only option you should think whether you want to deal with a company that wants to use only an untraceable system.
  • Before submitting any personal or payment information to a new online casino, do some research. Check where the casino’s licence comes from and how they are regulated (you can usually find this by scrolling to the bottom of their web page).
  • Be sure to also check which payout options the casino offers and any withdrawal times. If in doubt, contact the casino’s customer service and ask — noting how long it takes for a representative to get back to you.
  • Always read online reviews of the casino as that will give you an idea of how the casino works from other players just like you. All new online casinos we recommend are safe and secure and checked out by us.