Movie Slots – Online Slots Based on Movie/Film Themes

Two of the biggest and most exciting forms of entertainment on the planet right now are the movies and the slots. Both draw in millions of punters each year who either lap up or destroy the latest releases in the quest to find the ultimate form of entertainment. Just recently, gaming (in all forms) overtook Hollywood and the film industry in terms of popularity and revenue, so more and more companies are eyeing the gaming world for potential business opportunities. What this means for movie slots fans is that we can expect an increase in the number and quality of future releases.

For now, we can enjoy one of the greatest results of the friendly rivalry between games and films – their coming together is an amalgamation of both of these fantastic art forms. You may or may not be aware that software providers have been teaming up with filmmakers to license slots based on movies. The results have on the whole proved to be extremely successful with legions of fans flocking to each new movie-themed slot release.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the biggest and best filmed themed slots of all time, as well as some of the providers behind their creation. We will also take a look at what kind of slot fans would enjoy a movie themed games and what makes them so successful.

Movie Slots – Best Online Slots based on Films

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A bit of History

Slots have been with us since the early 1900s and immediately proved popular with the public due to their entertainment value coupled with the potential for receiving more than is put in – a trait that has continued on to the present day.

Movies began being produced at around the same time and also built up an ever-increasing number of fans. Some say it was only a matter of time until the two forged a relationship with each other but it took a while for the partnerships to start forming.

It wasn’t really until Star Wars exploded onto the scene with its relentless drive to merchandise everything it could that the movie slots concept really took off.

Times have certainly changed now with gaming fans having the pick of a huge range of movie slots. Along with the explosion in quantity has come a dramatic improvement in quality as computing power constantly increases bringing with it ever better imagery, gameplay, and effects.

Indeed, one of the truly great features of movie-themed slots is that those film companies usually partner with leading software developers who are really pushing entertainment boundaries to create top quality slots. These games are both exciting and thrilling to look at with excellent graphics, sounds, and music taken from the movie.

Who is the Ideal Player for these Movie Slots?

Honestly, anyone who likes slots and movies is the ideal person to play a movie-themed slot. There is such a variety of them available that you are bound to find a favourite movie that has crossed over into the gaming world. They are special because if you liked the movie, then the slot will bring it back to life for you, draw you in and immerse you in its world.

Whether you like comedies like Anchorman, blockbusters like King Kong, sports films like Rocky, or some historical drama like Titanic, you will no doubt find something in this genre that will fire up your desire to spin some reels.

While this article is focused on stars of the big screen it is also worth mentioning a few stars of the smaller screen as well. Since movies have crossed over so well, developers have also been porting popular TV shows into the slot world.

TV Show Slots

A few excellent examples of this are Family Guy and South Park for some comedic action, Battlestar Galactica – an old tv classic that more recently had a modern makeover, and the absolutely massive Game of Thrones which needs no introduction. As you can see there is a nice variety of sci-fi, cartoon, action, and adventure to get the pulse rate up and enjoy a bit of gaming with some familiar faces.

The only time that a movie-themed slot will probably not suit someone is if they really did not like the movie in the first place. It could get irritating after a while seeing symbols and characters continually spin and land if they come from a movie that bothered you. Though, having said that, movie slots can have the power to win critics over which we have experienced ourselves.

Without naming any names to protect the innocent, a familiar face has a powerful draw, and when this comfort level is combined with stunning graphics and gameplay it has the ability soften a negative attitude and produce an enjoyable gaming experience.

Software Providers Best for Movie Slots

Originally, there were only one or two providers dipping their toe in the movie-themed slot field until the big tie ins started blasting it out of the park.

These days there are a number of companies who are using the talent of their developers to craft some truly epic games.

Big names include industry leaders IGT, Netent, Playtech, and Bally. Gaming legends Microgaming showed up a little bit later to the party but have since gone on to make a huge impact with their games, some of which are discussed in more detail below.

Common Features of a Movie Themed Slot

The key hallmark of movie-themed slots is the big, bold and brash gameplay backed up by symbols that use images from the movie and a soundtrack that is often lifted directly from the big screen. This is all made possible by licensing which allows the developers to use the most memorable parts of a film to create a hit game.

Along with pictures and sound, developers also build a host of extras into the game like movie clips to immerse the player further into the experience.

As licensing doesn’t come cheap, a lot goes into the production of these games in order to bring in as many fans as possible which is great for gamers because it ensures that the standard is usually exceptionally high.

Some of the Best Movie Slots

If you haven’t tried a movie-themed slot or are you have but are looking for some inspiration then make sure to take a look at this list we have provided below. These are several of the best out there and can be found both free play and for real money. This list is not exhaustive, of course, but will give you a good lead into this thrilling slot genre.

Jurassic Park

This was a major blockbuster when it hit the movies way back in 1993 with its unbelievable use of CGI to create the most realistic dinosaurs the public had ever seen. It took a few years for it to be released as a slot but it proved to be popular, catching the imagination of the gaming population the way the movie had. Immerse yourself amongst wild dinosaurs to rack up wilds and respins while dodging a loose T-Rex.

With its lush background and symbols that include characters from the movie, this Microgaming classic has since gone on to inspire the follow-up slot Jurassic World which is another fantastic game that was released a couple of years ago.


While perhaps not taking every element from the movie in the cross over, this exciting game, also from Microgaming, takes its inspiration from the huge Ridley Scott movie of the same name. Sadly for fans of the movie Russel Crow does not appear on the game at any point, though others may find this one of the game’s strengths.

Either way, the Gladiator slot game offers a huge maximum payout of 5000x the stake which is more than enough to match any Roman Emperors fortune. Fans of Gladiator will love the background which has the five reels set in the Coliseum where the movie climaxed, along with symbols that borrow heavily from this cinematic classic.

King Kong

This thrilling slot is based on the King King remake which was released in 2005 under the direction of movie legend Peter Jackson. There have been many attempts to recreate the original movie which came out in 1933 and this video slot manages to pull off the thrills and the dangers nicely.

The King Kong slot game uses two modes which feature prominently in the movie. The first is in the dense dark jungle of Skull Island where we first meet the beast, and the second is in the fast-paced New York City where Kong sadly meets his demise. In between gamers can enjoy a wealth of respins, sticky and expanded wilds, and a generous jackpot of up to 3000x the stake.


Ever been playing slots late at night and felt the need for a real thrill? Look no further than this spooky game from Microgaming. Halloween features Michael Myers, an iconic figure from the horror genre who has continued to terrify viewers since he was unleashed on the world back in 1978.

Players can avoid this creepy character by winning prizes and one way to do so is via the trick or treat bonus wheel for added excitement, just beware of the Boogeyman bonus. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Everyone loves an underdog, especially when the underdog manages to battle his way to the top. This was one of the main reasons people loved the original film Rocky and the movie makes a perfect theme for a slot which was released by Playtech in 2010.

Fans of the film will love the symbols which include Rocky as well as some of his biggest foes Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed. Just like the movie, the Rocky slot gives users the chance to take it over the top with a huge potential win of 10,000x the stake which could provide a lucky underdog with a hefty payday.

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes slot provides punters with a truly unique gaming experience. It manages to do this by splitting the screen into two sections; one side has a 3×5 slot based on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, while the other half is a 3×5 slot based on Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The developers, NetEnt, were able to cleverly do this as the license from 20th Century Fox included both of these big hit movies. Fans of the Planet of the Apes series are in for a double treat with this slot then as you can imagine. Both sides of the screen use symbols and features that are related to their respective movies but in a fantastic twist, it includes stacked wilds and a dual feature that applies to both games simultaneously. The effect is to create a brilliantly conceived gaming experience that will cause fans of the movies to swoon in delight.

Terminator 2

The first Terminator movie was warmly received but the second instalment blew the entertainment world right out of the park. With unbelievable CGI and stunts, and led by Arnie who was absolutely massive at the time it was a sure winner.

Fortunately for gaming fans, the magic is well and truly captured on the Terminator 2 slot version which was created by Microgaming and has been a classic ever since it was released.

With many images from the movie, including the big man himself, this popular slot will cause heart rates to rise due to its staggering number of winning combinations, clips from the film, and its ability to capture and channel the essence of the blockbuster film.

Final Word

Hopefully, we have conveyed some of the excitement that can be found with these amazing movie slots. If you have never tried one then now is the time because as well as offering cutting edge sounds and visuals, the gameplay on some of these gems is truly outstanding.

Movie/slot ties ins are definitely here to stay and we can expect to see even more being released in the future as public opinion swings strongly in favour of big blockbuster movies that cross over well to the gaming arena.