Aliens Slot


Aliens slot
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Aliens Features

  • 5 reels
  • 15 Pay Lines
  • 96.4% RTP
  • Fixed Jackpot
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Wild Symbol
  • Autoplay
  • Multiplier
  • Free Spins

Aliens Basics

  • Game Type : Slots, Video Slots
  • Software : NetEnt

Aliens Slot Overview

While there’s a lot of horrors nowadays, it seems like a good portion of it is wrapped up around things that are on Earth with us. Monsters, mythological creatures, spirits, ghosts and zombies, and while that’s all fun and good, there’s something about the coldness of space that makes it the perfect grounds for horror. Far away from any help, stuck on a spaceship with a creature who can and will murder you – it was what rose the first Aliens movie, and fuelled the popularity of its many sequels. And now, NetEnt has decided to step in and take a slice from that cake, by making a slot around the same theme. Step into the ship, if you dare, and you will find the Aliens slot machine and a 5×3 playing field with 15 pay lines, in which you’ll be facing off against the cosmic horror in a three-staged special feature that is bound to leave your pockets heavier than when you entered.

The Queen Awaits

We quite enjoyed the Aliens slot visually. It sticks to the theme of horror, and it sells it rather well, with the whole atmosphere set up to keep you on edge. Or, at least, they tried to. There’s a wide variety of aliens to be found, and the backdrop of the ship is certainly stunning, but the user interface, while it looks cool and is quite functional, feels a bit out of place in what’s supposed to take inspiration from the original movie, which was done in a retro-futurist style with a greenish tint and massive CRT monitors all over the place.

You have a really wide wager to pick from, as you can go from as little as $0.30 up to $150 per spin. This pairs well with how the bonus works, as it allows the game to effectively scale, allowing you to get properly bigger wins if you sink more money into the game. It’s a rather well done, medium variance slot, which takes a bit of patience before the ball gets rolling and you start scoring good wins. It boils down to activating the special feature – once it’s up, you hope for the best. Outside of that, however, most of the wins will be a bit disappointing.

Fight or Flight

The bonus is really awesome, and it is part of what truly brings out the horror of this franchise and puts it firmly into the game itself. Once it’s active, you go through a three-phase fight aboard the ship itself – moving through it. The first part is the Search section, in which you’re keeping track of the Alien activity meter which helps set up future wins as well as multipliers. In stage two, you enter the Encounter, in which you shoot at the incoming aliens with the ammo you collected. Once you reach the third level, you face off against the Queen and her hive, which is the section where you can get the biggest wins in the entire game.

So while it heavily relies on its feature, the Aliens slot doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. The graphics are top notch, the soundtrack is effective in getting you in the mood, the gameplay is solid, and there’s some real potential for awesome wins down the line. If you have the time, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

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