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When someone mentions the online gambling market, the first thing everybody thinks about is games. However, there are other attributes of internet casinos that make them so amazing. Right after the thrill provided by slot games, we’d put online casino bonuses.

Slots, table games, bingo, scratch cards and live dealer games are as fun as they are profitable. One of the reasons why we love them so much is the chance to play them at minimum risk.

Casino bonuses and promotions that web-based casinos constantly offer, give us a chance to do just that. Certain special incentives will appear early, others will come further along the way – the important thing is to know how to take advantage of them.

Welcoming offers are often considered to be the best ones. Still, there are plenty of other options that are designed to help you get something extra. Of course, not all online casino bonuses are suitable for everyone. Knowing your preferences, limitations and ambitions will help you choose the perfect casino bonus.

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Should You Claim Online Casino Bonuses?

Have we gone mad with this stupid question?

Of course not! We’re just acknowledging that while free stuff is good, it is also rarer than rocking horse manure. Yes, the gifts casino sites give you aren’t really as free as they might look.

Unless you find an actual no-deposit, no-wagering-requirement welcome bonus then you’ll be swapping money or your continuing custom for “freebies”. The same is true for promotional bonuses: use them and enjoy them, but be aware that the “price” you pay in loyalty or other commitments.

That doesn’t mean that casino bonuses are scams – though some are – you should be prepared to evaluate the deal before just clicking YESYESYESGIVEMETHEFREESPINS!

As soon as you look at a casino site you’ll be offered a bonus for signing up. Good news, but be sure you understand it.

Generally a “wagering requirement” will specify an amount of cash you’ll need to drop at the site before you can access the winnings from your welcome bets, spins or funds. Usually written as a multiple of your original deposit this can amount to many thousands of pounds. And check if the bonus funds or just the winnings from them can be cashed in.

Other “free” offers will only be available after you have deposited in your account, thus committing to the casino.

The answer is simple. Read the rules and be sure you want to spend time at a site before you sign up with dollar signs in your eyes over a bonus you may never see in real cash.

Really it’s committing to a casino for the long run and collecting promotional bonuses and loyalty rewards that go to regular customers – like weekly free spins, deposit bonuses that keep coming, even fun contests and real-life gifts – that you’ll enjoy the best bonus performance.

Type of Casino Bonuses

There are several types of online casinos bonuses. Let’s find out more about them.

Casino Welcome Bonuses

When you sign up for an online casino, chances are the house will offer you a casino welcome bonus. Welcoming offers have a great variety, both in form and value. Mostly, the reward available after sign-up can be claimed as a match bonus on the first deposit. Albeit being most common, this is not a general rule followed by every casino venue on the web. Some gambling hubs organise different benefits for players as a welcome, like free spins or free cash without a deposit. They all have one thing in common – only new players can redeem them.

As someone who’s never made a deposit at a particular casino website, you can claim a welcome bonus. The offer you’ll see most frequently is the 100% match bonus up to a certain maximum amount. The percentage can be bigger (150%, 200%), but then the max amount is usually smaller, so it evens out.

Sometimes casino operators will add free spins on popular slots and round up a welcome package. One way or the other, a warm welcome gives you more funds to play with. The more you deposit, the more you’ll receive a bankroll boost. Better rated casinos usually give away better bonuses to start you up.

Reload Casino Bonuses

Utilising the same principle as most welcome offers, a casino reload bonus also consists of a deposit match. However, the reload targets existing members of the casino instead of new players. The ones that have already made deposits at the venue can easily become eligible for a balance ‘reload’ through a convenient bonus.

The time or the subject of a reload offer can’t be predicted. The casino operator decides when to set up a reload bonus for active players. Casinos often make sure that reloads follow welcome bonuses. The details on the prize should be available on the promotions page for every player to read. In some cases, only a handpicked number of players can take advantage of a reload bonus, once they receive a special invite via email.

As opposed to welcome match bonuses, the reload promo is paid out in a considerably smaller percentage. Normally, the prize doesn’t get much bigger than 20% or 30% of the qualifying deposit. There is also a maximum amount up to which the reward applies, so the conditions are well-controlled by the casino management. To liberate the extra funds from a reload prize, you’ll have to fulfil the wagering requirements. Pay attention to any other restrictions as well when claiming a reload benefit.

Casino Deposit Bonuses

A general term for every bonus offer that requires a deposit, casino deposit bonuses is a routine at online casinos. In most cases, the prize awarded after making a deposit takes the form of free cash. Sometimes, the casino will feel like awarding you with an exclusive, unconventional prize, such as an appliance, a paid vacation, or tickets for an event. If the reward is strictly free cash, calculated in reference to the amount deposited, a deposit bonus can be a match deposit bonus at the same time.

Expect these offers anytime – as welcome bonuses, special one-time promotions, regular monthly promotions etc. Both fun and rewarding, deposit bonuses are popular because they can double, triple and even quadruple your payment.

Playing with an enhanced bankroll provides you with better chances of winning your favourite casino games. The greatest thing about a deposit bonus is that it can boost your funds with a 500% deposit match if the casino operator is generous enough.

If we were you we’d stay on a lookout for convenient deposit bonuses, and always read their terms and conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or a long-term customer, there is probably a favourable deposit bonus waiting for you somewhere on the casino website.

Free No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Believe it or not, there are gambling venues that give you cash and don’t ask for a payment in return. Well, at least not right away.

At specific websites, players have the chance to take advantage of a no deposit casino bonus. This is an offer available to new members only, and often the extra funds find their way to their accounts automatically.

The procedure includes verifying a new casino account, after which the player is allowed to use a free play bonus. A specific amount of money can be used for free across the casino lobby, no deposit needed. What you need to know is that bonuses that have no relations with payments are smaller. No deposit bonuses are often symbolic sums around €/£/$10, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Regardless of the modest nature of a free casino bonus, free funds are free funds. By claiming them, you’ll have a balance to play with without risking your personal funds. Free casino money offers are ideal for exploring game ranges at new casinos. Free spins casino bonuses are also customary as a form of a no-deposit/sign-up bonus. Instead of cash, players will have a preset number of free spins at their disposal. Spin the reels of multiple slots or one particular slot, and generate winnings free of charge.

Online Slots Bonuses

Since slot machines occupy the most space at any online casino, it’s no surprise many bonuses are attached to them. This popular game category makes way for different promotional offers and handy bonuses.

First of all, online slots always come with free spins. Whether as a no deposit bonus, part of a welcome package or a seasonal promotion, free spins are the main bonus form related to slots. Whenever you have the chance, take them. Of course, only if the terms and conditions are reasonable.

Cashback bonuses, reload bonuses and match deposit bonuses can also be valid for slots. It all depends on the specifications of an individual offer. They would appear once a month, or once a week, at times.

Another form of a reward program that involves slots above else, is tournaments. Slot tournaments allow multiple players to participate and compete for the main prize. Organised prize draws and special promos are also common at most online casino websites. They normally require that the gambler plays specific slots during a period of time to earn a part of the total cash amount.

If you love slots, then rest assured you’ll always have an interesting bonus to claim on a regular basis. Check all the slots bonus offers!

Casino Bonus Codes

One of the conditions related to an individual bonus offer could be to use an appropriate bonus code to claim it. Casino bonus codes are used on numerous occasions. For example, if an affiliate site is doing a promotion of a casino venue it is customary to offer a bonus to its visitors. This unconventional bonus only applies to the visitors of that site, so they all receive a bonus code to confirm their referring source. How do they do it? By simply entering the code on the promotions page or upon login. A pop-up window will ask you for it, or there will be a predetermined area on the page to type it in.

On other occasions, casinos attach codes to promotions and bonuses in order to track how many players have claimed the offer. Codes are unique and coincide with individual promotions. Also, casino bonus codes can at times be the only way to claim the extra funds. If you haven’t acquired the correct code from the support team or the promotional banners for the offer, you won’t be able to reach your additional cash. Codes habitually consist of a few letters and numbers, so they aren’t hard to remember.

Online Casino Promotions

Carefully conceived to create a long-lasting bond between the casino and its customers, casino promotions are great fun. It’s normal that players, such as yourself, need a constant motivation to continue playing at one single location. The competition is tight, and every online casino tries to retain its clients with attractive promotions, above else. Players welcome these offers with both hands wide open – and with good reason. They truly make you want to stay and perform most satisfactory. Casinos run promotional campaigns once a week, on a monthly basis, during holiday seasons or to promote new games.

Promotions normally last for a while or have specific dates pointed out when players should participate. The range of rewards can also vary. It can include free spins on slots, cash back, match deposit bonuses, plain cash rewards and so on.

Like all other casino bonuses, limited promo offers come with a set of requirements of their own. The wagering restrictions are almost unavoidable. Game restrictions are also normal and expected. If a promotion runs on NetEnt slots only, for example, you can’t expect to use the bonus on other games. Respect the set of rules established for promotions you’re claiming, and you’ll surely make the most of them every time.

How To Claim Casino Bonuses

The situations when one doesn’t have to claim a casino bonus are rather rare. The exceptions are casino bonuses which the casino automatically credits to the balance of the winner. No deposit casino bonuses or welcome offers can instantly reach your account after you’ve signed up.

In all other circumstances, the player needs to claim the bonus funds and rewards, if he/she wants to use them. The process of redeeming a casino bonus involves different actions at different venues.

A good bonus offer demands that players ought to opt-in to confirm their claim. At various casino sites, players need to contact customer support and ask for the additional funds.

One of the simpler ways to redeem a casino bonus is by using coupon codes. Casinos aren’t making them secret – you can find them along with other promotional terms and conditions. Even if you found out about the offer on some other site, the correct bonus code should be published alongside other relevant info.

How to Cash Out Casino Bonuses

Now that you’ve claimed your desired casino bonus, you probably want to know how to cash it out.

Online casinos usually make a difference between playable cash and bonus funds.

The bonus funds you receive through promotional offers, welcome packages and the like aren’t immediately available for withdrawal. To cash out, you’ll need to fulfil detailed requirements. Most of the time, the house will ask you to wager the sum of the bonus a fixed number of times to be able to withdraw any money from your balance. We call it the wagering requirement, also known as rollover, or playthrough.

Depending on the venue, the rollover conditions can be fair and transparent or hard to satisfy.

Casino bonuses with high wagering requirements and unreasonable liberating conditions should be off your radar. Usually, they indicate that the casino treats its customers poorly in comparison with other websites. Look for bonuses with low or reasonable wagering requirements and clearly described specifications, and you’ll easily cash out bonus money.

Are Casino Bonuses Really Worth?

Most certainly, most of the time. If they weren’t worth it, online casinos wouldn’t bother with them, neither would the players. Online casino bonuses are the perfect way for casino operators to communicate with their audience – to thank them, to reward them, to feel their needs, preferences and capabilities. And since they are so varied, they can reach the customers at specific moments and complete their purpose.

From a player’s point of view, casino bonuses are discounts, special perks one should always make use of. Land-based casinos reward clients with fancy dinners and free drinks. Online casinos do it with extra cash, free spins and occasional travel arrangements or event tickets.

As long as the bonus is created to enhance your performance as a player, you should take advantage of it. Who knows, maybe a slight boost in your balance could lead to winning a progressive jackpot and changing your life for good.

Read the fine print and learn how to interpret different factors that influence the outcome of a casino bonus. Stick with reputable gambling websites with regular promotional campaigns and a favourable payout track record. If the site is fair and square, you’ll enjoy both the games and bonuses in the best possible way.

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