Flash Casinos, Instant Casinos Online & No Download Casino Games

No Download CasinosJust in case you are struggling with an unstable internet connection, a slow PC or simply do not want to perform any heavy installations that will use up your computer space, flash casinos are the solution to play instant casino games online no download required.

In most cases, the casino will provide a flash alternative to their downloadable software and there are almost no OS limitations when it comes to launching instant casino games – all you need is a few moments to install the Adobe flash player. The installation process is quick and most browsers and computer systems meet the requirements: Windows, Linux or Mac.

In this day and age, the main demand of an average online player is minimising the amount of work needed for performing any online activity. Online casinos who have optimised their services to meet their clients’ needs are considered an asset.

On the other hand, those who failed to catch up with the new gambling generation and its latest trends will quickly become dispensable. Let’s face it, a modern online casino player is both lazy and busy and needs things to be quick and efficient.

Today, providing a service that can meet that particular need is viewed as a great advantage, especially in the entertainment industry where any additional requirement (such as downloading a new software) is a hassle and may seem like a waste of time. This is where No Download casinos step in…

Best Flash Casinos to Play Instant Casino Games


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Why play flash casino games

The main advantage of flash casinos is that the player has unlimited access to any online casino that employs the technology, without the need to download the software.

Although casino software usually does not require a lot of computer space, it can still affect your computer performance and may require up to 500 MB of free disk space. Adobe Flash Player, on the other hand, takes up less than 20 MB.

In some instances, users of certain platforms might not meet system requirements necessary to download the casino software. The casino will usually include the list of all the non-supported system versions and other relevant information on the same page where the downloading link is provided.

Fortunately, that does not mean one will be prevented from playing. Users who are unable to install the software of their favourite casino, can always opt for the flash casino version and play as soon as they enable the flash player.

Sadly, not all devices support this extension. For example, users of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad will have limited options when visiting online casinos. If, however, you use a Mac PC, you may consider this problem solved, as Adobe lists Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.12 as one of the supported systems.

Is the game selection limited when playing flash casino games?

More often than not, you will find that there are no limits to the number of games you can play in flash casinos. The choice can be as versatile as with download casinos and you will be granted access to all of the offered games.

In fact, even if you want to download the software, some players would recommend trying out the casino’s flash version first, just to get the taste of it before you commit and make space for a full download.

Sometimes, however, a casino will only make a part of their overall offer available in flash version, for example, the most popular titles. If you are not sure if a casino has its flash casino counterpart, there are a lot of lists of the most reputable and highly rated casinos that offer flash casino games, powered by the best software developers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and others.

Recent industry news suggests that Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook plan to eliminate FLASH. By 2020, the popularity of flash is expected to be minimal. That being said, more and more online casinos will orientate to the modern HTML5. Therefore, it is wise to expect that the flash casinos will cease to exist (as flash) in a few years time and will migrate to HTML5.

Are instant casino sites a good choice?

Any issues related to one’s internet connection or lack of computer memory space can be easily overridden with instant casinos. As we all know, every installation of a new computer program takes up a certain amount of space and potentially slows down your computer, which is why every now and then you have to clear up your computer space and get rid of the stuff that you accumulated on your PC over time.

Although recent models are very much advanced and have larger RAM memory amounts, which is closely connected to your computer performance, most users are still reluctant to perform any additional installations.

In some cases, players may still use outdated models that cannot be expanded or upgraded sufficiently to support new software installations without negatively affecting their performance. Avoiding all this is easy, thanks to instant play casinos where the flash player is ultimately all you need to play the games.

The above mentioned is not the only advantage of selecting instant casinos. Every time you download and install a new program on your device, you leave a certain imprint on it, which may not be convenient for players who seek discretion. Playing instantly in the browser with no download required will fix the problem as no permanent trace is left after deleting the browsing history.

What are No Download Casinos and why do players prefer them?

Any type of casino that does not force the user to download and install additional software onto their device is called a No Download casino.

Hence, the player can launch and play any game directly from the web browser and although some plugins and extensions will have to be enabled (flash or java, for example) in order for a player to gain access and start the game, no excessive effort will have to be invested from the player’s part.

This type of casino is particularly favoured by Linux and Mac users, as most downloadable software is designed with Windows in mind since this is an operating system with the highest usage frequency rate.

In addition to that, the waiting time is cut to a minimum and any game can be played in seconds, unlike with casinos that require downloads.

In short, No Download casinos allow immediate access and instant play from most devices, which makes them simply perfect for mobile phones and tablets.

What are the main advantages of No Download Casinos

First and foremost, you will not need to clear up any of your memory space in order to “fit in” a new software. Downloads can require anywhere from around 100 to 500 MB, which may not seem like a lot, but can still affect the general performance and speed of your PC. Launching the game from your browser will naturally not require any extra space and can be performed anytime and anywhere, not just in front of your computer screen.

You can use just about any browser to launch a no download online casino game – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox are all compatible and the only thing you will have to do is make sure that the flash version on your device is up to date.

Fast internet connection is not a requirement for playing no download online casino games. In fact, thanks to their simplified graphics, even extremely slow connections will be quite sufficient to successfully launch and play the game without causing any difficulties and interruptions.

Finally, literally, any place can become your playing platform – public computers and Wi-Fi spots can be converted into instant casinos in a matter of seconds with no more than just a few taps on your mobile device.

Is there anything else I need to know about instant casinos?

It is true that Download casinos might have more to offer when it comes to game selection or visual quality, but Instant casinos have the power of turning every corner of the earth into your own personal casino.

Instead of limiting your online gambling to only one device or going through the trouble of installing the software over and over again and onto every single device you want to use to access your favourite games, Instant casinos will provide you with the flexibility of playing everywhere and anywhere, with a minimum amount of hassle – or, more accurately, with no hassle at all.

It is important to mention that if a casino offers both options – download and instant play – installing the software may be more beneficial in terms of functionality and visuals. However, there are many casinos out there that are exclusively instant play, which means that you will not have to compromise at all – most browsers will be able to launch the game and the experience will match any download casino on the market.