High Stakes Slots: Pros and Cons

7 May 2019
High Stakes Slots

Online gamers can be split into two broad categories. There are those that playing for the sheer thrill of the spin, and those that are trying to hit the big time. Whatever category a player falls in they can maximise their potential returns and their thrill levels by playing high stakes slots.

What exactly are high stake slots? This will vary from player to player as we all have different bankroll limits. For some players this could be a few coins per spin, for others, this could 100, or 500, or more. Whatever the limits are, the same pros and cons apply in each scenario.

Who are high stake slots for?

High stake slots can fulfil the needs of a variety of different gamers. Those that take part in high stakes do so for different reasons but a couple of things ring true for all. The payout and the buzz can be huge – often the biggest you will find in slots.

For many, the pressure can be a little bit too much and this is fine. High stakes are not for all gamers. They certainly aren’t conducive for kicking back on a relaxing night in. If however, your mission is to go wild and potentially burn through a bankroll, then high stakes slots might just be for you.

There is a chance after all that you could be rewarded with stacks of coins. If you like living life on the edge and having adrenaline pumping through your veins then high stakes slots can be the ticket.

High stakes can lead to higher payouts

In many cases, this is true simply because of mathematics. If a top prize is 10,000 times a stake and a player is wagering 10p a spin then they could pick up £1,000 at the most. If on the other hand, they are wagering £100 per spin then they could walk away with a cool million quid. Not all games will allow such high payouts of course and we will look at that issue shortly.

High-value spins are not always required for huge wins though. Some progressive jackpots can be won with tiny wagers. But the point is that the higher the spin value, the higher the potential payout can be as a general rule.

Keep in mind, that the jackpots on some slots can only be accessed when betting with high stakes -sometimes at the maximum stake. Paylines can make a huge difference as well. If players get the choice of how many pay lines they would like to employ then the cost will rise with the extra chances of winning.

One exhilarating ride

Slots are exciting, there’s no doubt about that. Some gamers are content with the thrills provided by free play slots. These games are full of action, interesting themes, and are a nice way of passing the time.

Other gamers would prefer to put something on the line to get something in return. If massive thrills are what you are after then high stakes slots definitely have the ability to provide them. The key here is to have a strict bankroll and stick with it.

Obviously, higher wagers have the potential to quickly eat away at a budget so discipline is needed to ensure gaming remains fun. At the end of the day that is what gaming is all about. Slots, in general, provide an exhilarating ride of emotions as we navigate the highs and lows of the journey. High stakes simply push up the ante and can make the dips and dives much more dramatic.

Things to look out for

We have mentioned this before but it cannot be stated enough. Set a limit and walk away if things don’t go to plan. You can always try again another day, no problem.

Before embarking on a high stakes adventure make sure that you are fully aware of the rules of the game. In particular, check if the developers have set a maximum winning limit.

Not all slots will have one but definitely find out if they do. Some slots place a cap on how much can be won that is lower than their theoretical maximum. For example, a slot, through its various features, may have the potential to payout 250,000 coins. However, the developers have capped it to pay out 50,000 at the most. This will affect the most effective top wager to use and may put some jackpot chasers off altogether.

Another thing to look out for relates to payment schedules. A casino may allow players to win the maximum theoretical prize but have withdrawal limits that require the winnings to be broken up and withdrawn over time. Rare that this would be an issue perhaps, but it is something to consider before leaping straight in.

Casinos are keen on big payouts

Granted, casinos do not want every customer to hit the jackpot, but they do want it hit from time to time. If it was impossible then customers would soon drift away and the casinos would be out of business!

When the public hears about the huge wins from time to time they are reassured that it is possible and it makes slots an attractive prospect. While this is the case, slots are meticulously programmed to pay out relatively smaller wins from time to time, and bigger ones more rarely. In this way, customers stay engaged knowing that there is always a chance that a high stakes game can result in an epic payout.

In conclusion

Like everything, moderation is the key. Follow this rule and high stake slots can be the ultimate slot experience. Little in the gaming world can compare with the roller coaster of thrills and spills they can send a player on.

Likewise, few opportunities exist to compare with their winning potential. If you are thinking of giving the world of high stakes slots a spin, make sure to follow a few common sense rules and buckle in for one wild ride.