Top Five Things to Do After Winning That Huge Jackpot on Slots

15 September 2017
UK player winning huge jackpot

So, the love for slots has finally paid off big time? It’s almost romantic; you’ve fantasized so long about winning the chief prize and you’ve enjoyed the adrenaline rush knowing that any spin could make you an instant-millionaire – and now the fantasy became a reality and you’re overwhelmed with emotions and so many things are going through your head and you’re just afraid you’ll wake up covered in sweat in your studio apartment at 3 am saying to yourself: ‘What a loser.’

Well, not this time! For once, what is real is real and you are the owner of a fortune many people wish for their entire lifetimes. You replay the moment over and over in your head: the symbols line up just right and the machine lights up with fireworks and there it is – the exact moment when your life changed for the better! But what comes next? We clarify on the top five things one should do after striking it rich on jackpot slots.

1. Don’t Rush

We don’t want to be the buzz killers, but we’re saying this with all the care and love in the world – don’t rush into things. Managing huge jackpot wins is crucial when it comes to enjoying them the best possible way, a way which prolongs the enjoyment and makes the fortune last and not goes away as fast as it came into your life. When all you can think about is how to book a luxurious around-the-world cruise where the most expensive caviar is served, you should hit the ‘pause’ button and consider hiring a financial and legal expert. With help from a financial adviser, you’ll be able to navigate through a meteor shower of taxes, suddenly affordable opportunities, and support appeals from third cousins, scammers and greedy so-called friends.

2. Get Organized

After a crash course in financial management, you ought to put pen to paper and do the math. Winning a massive jackpot is hardly something that happens twice in a lifetime, and you need to do something worthwhile with all that cash. What seems like an endless supply can easily become a temptation to just go looney tunes and spend it all on short-term pleasure and reckless fun. We’re definitely not saying you should have all that, as long as you can afford it. The point is to create a shopping list. Visualise your expenses and see how much would a new house cost, a new car, a holiday, will there be anything left for your children’s college fund and for your early retirement.

3. Invest

The rational thing to do next would be to find safe investments in order to save a portion of your newfound wealth. Have you ever heard a rich person talk about spending money? Rarely – they are all about investments! But this will only work if you have ambitions to make your fortune even bigger than it is, and have the patience to see it through. ‘Invest first, spend later’ is the fat cat’s motto.

4. Indulge yourself!

Don’t forget to have fun with your loot! A mansion sounds great, but keep in mind that after a while a 10,000-square-foot house becomes impractical and hard to maintain. A luxurious and exotic voyage may be a better idea. You must have wanted to go somewhere and go full hedonism. Las Vegas, Disneyland, Barbados, spa pampering, skydiving – those could make the best holiday of your life. The relief will hit you twice as hard after you’ve done all the reasonable stuff beforehand.

5. Donate

Finally, you might consider donating a portion of your prize to charity. Being able to do things to help others is the most gratifying thing imaginable. The world has already rewarded you big time, and it would be nice to pay it forward.