Can We Make A Living Out Of Slots?

19 October 2017
Slot machines

Can something that you love to do as a hobby become your job and eliminate other sources of income? Every slot lover must have asked himself/herself the question if the time spent on playing slots for fun an occasional financial treat could actually become something serious and even life-sustaining. It’s an intriguing question indeed. The job title of a professional gambler does exist but it’s usually attributed to outstanding poker players and other consumers of games that require skill. Could it be done with slots?

Rising Issues

Professional gamblers we’ve mentioned earlier don’t pay taxes on their casino earnings, and it’s also important to mention that it’s not illegal to earn a living by means of gambling. Now, a question emerges from these contemplations – what does it mean ‘earn a living’? How much is enough for it to be considered enough for a ‘living’? It all boils down to personal preference. Some people are modest, others are ambitious. That being said, it can be hard to determine a framework that separates casual players for those who earn their primary income through placing bets.

These Types of Players Have the Best Odds at Slots

For the time being, there are no professional slot players. But advantage players do exist, and they are putting their heart and soul into mastering slot machines. Advantage players are as closest as it gets to earning considerable funds out of slots, and they do it by spending a lot of time looking for new deposit bonuses and applying all kinds of slot strategies. Advantage players pay close attention to the wagering requirements, as well as to the volatility of slots they play when they’re liberating bonus funds. The approach is quite intelligent, but if the casino catches on to the sneaky strategy, the payouts may not reach your account.

Jackpot hunters usually do well by choosing less famous progressive jackpot slots, avoiding the massive competition on games like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. It’s also a lot easier to maintain stable and frequent payouts if you have a substantial bankroll, to begin with. This is the reason why high rollers (high stakes gamblers) appear on the list of winners more often than others. It’s not like they use some magical strategy and they aren’t that lucky – just good at choosing the right variance slots and balancing their RTPs with personal budgets.

The Uncertainty is the Only Thing That’s Certain

Increasing your chances of winning is one thing, a possible thing. But completely subjecting your monthly or yearly income to slot machines is another, hardly attainable thing or skill, or whatever you want to call it. Above all, slots are the ultimate games of chance. This means you’ll never be able to find a perfect strategy that allows you to manipulate the game and generate a regular flow of winnings. Don’t quit your day job just yet – keep playing for fun and explore your possibilities. Slots can still boost your earnings quite a lot if you evolve into a smart, competent player.